Six6s Affiliate Program in India

Dive into a world of opportunities with our program offering regular payouts, ensuring you receive your earnings every week like clockwork. With generous commission rates, maximize your potential earnings effortlessly by partnering with Six6s. Rest assured of stability and fairness, providing you with a reliable platform to grow your affiliate business.

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About Six6s Affiliate Program

The Affiliate Program is a lucrative opportunity for partners to earn rewards. Our program operates on a simple principle: commission is calculated based on the net profit generated by players, deducting bonuses and other factors. Commission rates are applied to the net profit, ensuring partners receive fair compensation for their efforts. Join us today and start earning commissions on player activity!

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What do Partner Payments Depend on?

Partner payments in the Affiliate Program depend on the net profit generated by customers, adjusted for bonuses and deductions. Here’s how it works:

  • Net Profit Calculation: Net Profit is calculated as the player’s win/loss minus a 20% deduction and any bonuses received.
  • Commission Calculation: Commission is determined by multiplying the Net Profit by the Commission Rate.
  • Bonus Calculation: Bonuses consist of promotions, VIP club bonuses, minus recycle amounts and cancel fees.

Affiliates can earn extra commission by referring other affiliates, with additional bonuses based on the total net profit generated by their referrals. Commission amounts are calculated monthly and paid directly into the affiliate’s account.

There are several reasons why Six6s affiliate payouts depend on.

Become a Six6s Partner

Becoming our Partner is easy! Just follow these simple steps:

  1. Register as an affiliate: Sign up as an affiliate by visiting the affiliate registration page.
  2. Share your unique affiliate referral link: Once registered, you’ll receive a unique referral link. Share this link with your friends and family.
  3. Referee Affiliate Signup: Encourage your referrals to click on your unique affiliate link when signing up.
  4. Meet Referral Requirements: To qualify for commissions, affiliates must meet specific referral criteria. Referrers must either have 25 Active Players or 5 Active Affiliates in a calendar month.
  5. Earn Commission: As a referrer, you’ll earn extra commission monthly based on your referrals’ total Net Profit. Enjoy an additional 6.66% commission on top of regular earnings.
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Terms and Requirements for Joining the Affiliate Program

Before joining the Affiliate Program, please review the following terms and conditions:

  • Starting March 1, 2024, only affiliates registered post this date qualify for referral tagging.
  • To participate, affiliates must join the Affiliate Telegram Channel.
  • There’s no limit to the number of affiliates one can refer.
  • Commission equals 6.66% of their referrals’ total Net Profit, calculated monthly.
  • Program undergoes monthly review; abnormalities may result in termination.
  • All commissions are non-transferable and irreplaceable, deposited into the affiliate’s account.
You should read the terms and conditions of the Six6s affiliate program.